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Openwork patterns knitting

Openwork patterns are a combination of yo and provyazyvaniem several loops together (lacy patterns, elegant knitwear). Multiple uniform repetition provyazyvaniya few loops together and forms a separate yo motives.  yo, you should pick the right needle thread work, which lies on the index finger of his left hand, upper right, the movement spoke "to him."

Resulting in yo provyazyvanii next loop to hold your right index finger. Openwork patterns knitting patternFrom the wrong side of the yo always provyazyvaem as seamy loop.  Reading scheme for vyvyazyvaniya parts, adorned with delicate patterns, use of special schemes, which reading is not difficult, since they are usually supplemented by detailed descriptions of the symbols used in the scheme of icons.

To read all the schemes must be remembered that if, after the yo must face loop, yo do in the forward direction, the working thread was on the right-hand spokes in the rear. If, after the yo should Wrong loop, yo do front to back, so that the thread was on the right a spoke in the forward direction.

Conditional icons used in the scheme simple: they form provides insight into the loops, knit together, and the location of yo yo or with respect to these loops.  To read the first scheme is more convenient to read the detailed description of the icons to conventional scheme. Blank cells in the scheme are not important and are for illustrative purposes.

Before vyvyazyvaniya control sample should peruse the rows of the counting circuit not only from right to left, but from left to right. Openwork patterns knitting lacyTo perform the open-work patterns for counting schemes are usually only facial series, purl rows in a loop often tally by the pattern fabric - purl.  Changes vyvyazyvaniya purl rows are specified separately, next to the counting circuit.

Each front and purl row starts and ends edging stitch. Edge loops in the diagrams of openwork patterns often are not listed. Based on materials myknitting.narod.ru

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